OCW Covid-19 Protocol


 - Rink Procedure must be Followed by all members.  Ice Time Covid-19 check in must be signed

   for everyone entering the building. 


 - 6’ Social Distancing is in effect whenever inside the rink


 -Players, Coaches and parents are asked to wash hands and

  sanitize equipment often to prevent the spread of germs


-No Sharing of sticks, gloves, jerseys, water bottles, etc. 


-Players and parents must adhere to NY State Guidelines for Covid-19 Protocol and

report any travel outside of NY State.


-If you or your player is unvaxinated and exposed to Covid-19, It is imperative that you notify the board and your coach that you are home quarantining.  As per the CDC guidelines, vaxinated persons can continue to practice and play in games while carefully monitoring for symptoms. 


 -If your player has tested positive for Covid-19, you must isolate from the team

for 10 days and provide a negative test result to return to team activities