Covid-19 Protocol


 - Ice Time Covid-19 Waiver must be completed and signed

   for everyone entering the building. 


 - Players, Coaches and Parents must complete a new waiver

   for each practice or game


- Waivers must be signed by parent or legal guardian.

  Coaches, board members or friends cannot sign waivers for



 - 6’ Social Distancing is in effect whenever inside the rink


- Masks must be warn at all times when inside the rink


 - Players must wear masks on the ice and during the game


 -Players, Coaches and parents are asked to wash hands and

  sanitize equipment often to prevent the spread of germs


-No Sharing of sticks, gloves, jerseys, water bottles, etc. 


-If you or your player is exposed to Covid-19, It is imperative that you notify

the board and your coach that you are home quarantining.


-Players and parents must adhere to NY State Guidelines for Covid-19 Protocol and

report any travel outside of NY State.


 -If your player has tested positive for Covid-19, you must isolate from the team

for 14 days and provide a negative test result to return to team activities